Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Another hot one!

 Main frame finally in position for woodshed.
Although plenty of seasoned chestnut wood in the forests surrounding us ,very little of it is straight enough for building with. This resulted in many missions deep into the forest on the look out for straight or nearly straight tree's
 Finally i may have the inclination right on this one as the roof will act as a major rain water collector 
 No rain now for well over two months has made watering a major chore and it does'nt look like we've got any coming to soon either. Most of the beds looking good all the same and the amaranth is loving this hot weather
 Tomatoes and basil join the grape in this Hugelkultur style bed. None or very little watering me hopes with this one
 Butternut squash going into the tyre beds. These guys have also been half filled with rotten wood and hay
 Courgettes, strawberries, rocket and parsley
 Peppers finally start to change color
 Tiger tomatoes
 Yellow cherry tomatoes
 Taking a chunk out of the forest. A man and his chainsaw (and a dog and three chooks)

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