Monday, 18 March 2013


Work has already started on the new patio.Taking advantage of all the wet weather has meant i could dig out the bank in front of the house a lot easier than when its dry, so work has progressed pretty quickly in the last 3 days.Now just need to dig out the ground for the foundation and i will be able to start tilling and putting up the first of the support walls. The patio will also have a roof but this will be done at a later date, just be great to have some more outdoor lounging space and another rain water collector that can be run down straight to the green house.
From patios to politics, the Italian comedian Beppe Grillo has been giving the charade that is Italian politics(all politics) a well needed shake over here and with a large percentage of the vote he is causing a real headache for those EU puppet politicians and the ones that are pulling the strings. In the same vain as American comedians Hicks and Carlin, Grillo is not afraid to speak his truth and with his popularity, more evidence that people are waking up and have taken enough of the bullshit. Makes me proud to be in Italy, lets hope we start seeing more of this around the rest of Europe - viva la revolution!!

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