Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Food Forest

We finally got to start planting in the food forest after months of clearing the site of brambles. With many canopy nut trees and fruit trees already established before we took on the property, a lot of the systems were already in place.The soil is of a reasonable quality and with a now thick coat of ground cover.
We are now planting small fruit trees- apple,peach and apricot. Shrubs of -blueberry, blackberry, gooseberry and raspberry and a harbaceous layer of strawberries and companion flowers. Terraces are also being repaired and paths cut out for access around the terraced site. This now will be an ongoing project over the next few months of planting out all the missing layers.

Layers we are lucky enough to have already established for this site include:

Walnut trees x4
Chestnut trees x4
Hazlenut  bushes x12
Elderberries x4
plumb trees x7
Apples trees x4
Pear trees x3
Olive trees x10
Fig trees x3
Persimmons x1
Pomegranate x1
Lemon laburnum

                                                               Updates coming soon!

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